At the end of March, 2006, a friend who works with the guys at ApeMania.com called me and said that they needed someone to fill in for their regular Dr. Zaius for a costumed appearance.  I jumped at the chance, and here is the process that took place to make me an Ape for a Day!  I also have the clip from the TV Guide Channel show where we did the bit...http://www.apemania.comshapeimage_3_link_0
Waiting in the chair
Brian Penikas at work
waiting for paint to dry
teeth blackened
lips blackened
smoothing edges
lower jaw
chimp on the way
Duke almost done
not a monchichi
on to the next one
note the silly grin
color applied
and inside mouth
more shading
beard time
and sideburns
it’s 4:30, time for milking.
the other Rob is prepped
off to the forbidden zone
Eyebrow ridges
getting used to the idea
wigging out
almost there
get out of here!
display your weapons.
lovely bust.
gorrila instigator
teeth in place
let’s get out of here.
zipping up
what have I done...
what are you looking at?
ok, let’s go...
happy family..
on the way to stardom.
VIEW THE CLIP! Ok, so this isn’t a real “Dynamite” Magazine.  But it woulda been cool.