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kitty bed
monkey toy
window seat
more Birds
Chin rubs
back scratches
belly rubs (sometimes)
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May 2006
Hi.  My name is Hobbes.
My adopted Daddy, Daren, is letting me put up this cool webpage so all my friends can visit and see how I’m doing.
I don’t remember much about my life before being adopted, but I think I might have been in another home, and they moved and left me.  But luckily, Daren heard me meowing in the courtyard and started feeding me, cause I was very hungry.  After a few days of no one claiming me, he put some signs up to see if anyone was missing me, but no one responded... so I moved in with him.  He is nice to me even though I sometimes get into trouble.  I like jumping up on things, and with all his stuff, I sometimes jump on things I shouldn’t, so they fall.
About Me
almost 1
August 15
Sherman Oaks
Best Friends
Daren, Heather, Jared
All-time Favorites
Movies The Aristocats, All Dogs go to You Know Where, Bird on a Wire, Catch me if you Can
Books Atlas Lounged, Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Food Crunchy Iams, Friskies Buffet, anything Daren is trying to eat.
Places Rooms with the Doors Closed, the shower stall, bathroom sink, anywhere I’m not supposed to be.
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